​Arts Alliance

Claire Collins

OLAA Lead Teaching Artist, 
​Artistic Director Louder Than a Bomb-Oklahoma,
Founder of OLAA's 'Poetic Justice' program

Claire Collins began her journey with poetry in 2003 when she won her first poetry slam in Bellingham, WA. Since then, she has adapted an evolving career as a poet who teaches, performs, and serves the community. In addition, Claire is the artistic director for the community orientated, educational organization, Louder Than a Bomb-Tulsa. Her words inspire freedom and personal strength; you can expect each poem she has composed to be laced with a exuberant purpose and raw authenticity. Her stewardship includes a passion for prison reform in america, female equality, and social justice in an educational setting. Claire considers her role as a poet to be driven with the intention to wage the war on willful ignorance.

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Teaching literacy. CHANGING LIVES.