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Teaching literacy. CHANGING LIVES.


*Oklahoma Literary Arts Alliance (OLAA) - home of the Louder Than a Bomb Youth Poetry Festival in Oklahoma, Poets & Writers in the Classroom, as well as the Oklahoma Youth Poet Laureate program - will rely on funding from foundations, corporations, government agencies and individuals. Without the support of our philanthropic community, OLAA will not be able to provide the highest quality creative writing programs available for thousands of young people each year. We look forward to updating you on the status of our 501c3 requests in the state of Oklahoma. 

     Vision STATEMENT 

OLAA connects communities and makes positive differences in the lives of individuals through explorations of the written and spoken word. With instruction and mentorship, we consistently expose students to methods for expressing themselves. We intentionally facilitate relationships across differing backgrounds and socio-economic settings by generating safe spaces for creativity and sharing. We deliver a broader impact to the overall educational experience and social well being of our students. We offer in-school residencies, after-school and community workshops; regular youth open-mics, statewide festivals and community events that develop youth voice, particularly for those students whose voices haven’t been heard. Working with teaching artists, we ignite writing clubs and team based poetry delegations within schools and youth organizations. We give professional development to teachers interested in exploring and building upon our curriculum. We give students access to scholarship and travel opportunities, and secure platforms and publishing opportunities for students to project their voices through a variety of media., OLAA encourages creativity, personal growth and change. It celebrates diversity in safe and nurturing environments, empowering people of all ages to effect positive changes in their communities and beyond.

                          MISSION STATEMENT 

​Oklahoma Literary Arts Alliance (OLAA) is dedicated to promoting self-expression, civic engagement and life-long personal growth through the literary arts. We are guided by the belief that through their words and imaginations, young people can remove barriers to transform their lives, and change society for the better. By expanding reading palettes, nurturing authentic voices, and listening to each other’s stories, we illuminate commonalities among diverse populations, and cultivate a more respectful and tolerant world.