Phetote Mshairi
Teaching Artist

Phetote (fee toe tee) Mshairi  has been writing poetry, songs, and promos every since he was a young man-child wielding a pen as a word-smith's apprentice. Phetote is a poet, a teacher of poetry, and a budding thespian who travels throughout the United States performing spoken-art, monologues, and various character roles in play productions for a variety of audiences...quaint and great.  He has been commissioned to create original pieces that he has featured at African-American Heritage, Education Encouragement, and  Domestic Violence Awareness events. Phetote has written promotions for a Dallas Cowboys web show, the NFL Playoffs, the NBA Finals, and the Old School Sunday Night Live radio show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Phetote was honored to be chosen to be one of four Tulsa performing artists to represent the city at the National Performance Network 2014 Annual Meeting. Phetote is an accomplished Slam Poet and Orator. He is the 2014 Slam Champion of the Living Arts of Tulsa. Phetote is the 2010 Slam Champion of the renowned Killeen Poetry Slam Team. He is the primary author of A.W.O.L. which was one of the pieces that won 2nd place in the nation at the 2009 National Poetry Slam group piece competition. Phetote has won or placed in a litany of poetry slams and oratory competitions all across the United States. In 2014, Phetote was nominated for a WEGO Health Activist Award for his outspoken advocacy for Crohn's Disease and other IBD awareness and cures: "I Hate My Guts/crohn's disease" and "The Beach of Bliss." Phetote writes poems that cater to weddings; receptions; award presentations; Church events; birthday and anniversary parties; business grand openings; funerals; and other occasions and causes of many sorts. One of Phetote's main objectives is to entertain and carry on the tradition of the ancient Griots and Storytellers, by passing along Jewels of Wisdom and chronicling history as it happens via his Gift of speech.  His goal is to express truth poetically and bring the Spoken-art Poetry form to the "mainstream." This is Phetote's mission. Will you join him in making this happen?  WRITE ON! 

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Teaching literacy. CHANGING LIVES.


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