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Please email us at info@olaa.org to inquire about booking OLAA Creative Writing Teaching Artists & Louder Than a Bomb Youth Poets for performances, professional development, workshops or residencies.

Book OLAA Teaching Artists
a.k.a. the Louder Than a Bomb-OK Teachers or Youth Poets to perform original poetry for your school or youth organization.

Classroom Instruction: 
The objective of Oklahoma Literary Arts Alliance’s (OLAA) Poets & Writers in the Classroom program is to provide professional teaching artists in the community working in the field of the literary arts, and to make their professional talents available to all Oklahoma schools. The goal is to utilize skilled literary arts resources as an integral component of the instructional program in the school.  Workshops and residencies are led by OLAA teaching artists and are tailored to your school’s needs. OLAA & its flagship Louder Than a Bomb-Oklahoma program emphasize safe spaces. Our teaching artists have completed professional development, and have proven their skills in the classroom. They are able to work alongside school assigned teachers to compliment any classroom curriculum. They can lead students in writing exercises that bring assigned novels or short stories to life, or enrich students' understanding of the history and geography of Oklahoma, as well as provide students with ways to process current news and events. Our teachers specialize in making classrooms safe spaces for sharing, and bringing students together across social divisions. 

Kickstarting Youth Poetry Clubs: 
Our teaching artists can support Louder Than a Bomb teams, work in classrooms, or develop poetry clubs. Youth Poetry & Creative Writing clubs are growing in demand. The expertise of our teaching artists provides a creative and educational compliment to the work of teachers and youth workers. 

Workshops may take place in any safe space before, during or after school. Youth Poetry & Creative Writing clubs are growing in demand. The expertise of our teaching artists provides a creative and educational compliment to the work of teachers and youth workers.

Teaching Artist in Residence:
OLAA teaching artists take on short-term and long-term residencies in schools and community organizations and can lead students through comprehensive, and customized curriculum.  

Professional Development: 

Oklahoma Literary Arts Alliance (OLAA) utilizes the literary arts as powerful tools for self-actualization within educational environments. We provide professional development workshops on teaching creative writing in the genre of your choice, with specific student populations, and/or in a cross-curricular context. Workshops are led by OLAA writers and tailored to your school’s needs. OLAA & LTAB-OK environments emphasize safe spaces*, community building, education and youth empowerment. During the process, young people share stories, break stereotypes, speak their truth and explore their identities and goals. This work fortifies young people during a critical developmental period. Our teachers are ready to train and support classroom teachers and youth workers. Educators benefit from training and discussion about using poetry, hip-hop, verse journalism, and spoken word inside and outside the classroom.

Contact info@olaa.org today! 

Book OLAA Teaching Artists

(a.k.a. "Louder Than a Bomb" Teaching Artists)
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Elementary Through College Level Literary Arts Education