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Teaching literacy. CHANGING LIVES.


For the past two years, this organization and the people involved with it have become a family to me. I stepped into something bigger than I could have ever imagined. I tapped into a passion and talent I was unaware I had. None of that would have been possible without LTAB. Louder Than A Bomb-Tulsa is getting it right and I'm extremely honored to have been a part of it. - Allison McClaughry, East Central High School 
"LTAB was a great thing for me because it opened up the experience of poetry. It provided me with new and creative ways to let things out. I'm looking forward to next year!" - Brannon Talent, Newcastle High School 

"Writing a poem does not change the world. Learning about new people, and understanding new people, and feeling inspired by people who are very different than you...I would like to say that that's changing the world...and if not, it's definitely coming much, much closer." 
​- Adam Gottlieb, Louder Than a Bomb 

"The point is not the points, the point is the poetry. But it's also bigger than that."
​- Lamar Jorden, Louder Than a Bomb

Our youth writing programs provide dedicated mentorships, plenty of self reflection, community recognition, workshops for refining craft, performances at community events, publication opportunities, panel discussions, travel and expansion of young peoples' personal networks. All of these activities lead to new opportunities and a better sense of personal agency. 

In-school residencies, poetry clubs, open- mics, friendships with students from different backgrounds - and other activities included in Louder Than a Bomb-Ok serve virtually all stages of personal growth. Love and belongingness and self-esteem are vital focus areas for teens, and are embedded in our programs.   

Partnerships with Youth Services of Tulsa, and other resources help connect participants to services that assist with basic needs (if required). 

We believe that literary arts are effective for cultivating authentic voices, connecting communities and nurturing potential.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) was interested in human potential, and how we fulfill that potential.
His famous Hierarchy of Needs, which is often drawn as a pyramid, positions the most basic needs at the base and each of the other essential requirements for a fulfilled life towards the top. Literary arts programs offer activities that are accessible and meet many of these needs holistically. Although our primary programs are targeted towards teens, a person is always in the process of 'becoming.' Thus, our programs are open and extend to all ages.     

Oklahoma Literary Arts Alliance (OLAA) is dedicated to promoting self-expression, civic engagement and life-long personal growth through the literary arts.


Air, food, drink, sleep, warmth, exercise

Helping others,

connecting with

something outside


Community Service)


Fulfilling personal potential, lack of prejudice


Order, beauty, symmetry 


Security, stability, health, shelter, money, employment


Knowing, understanding 


Achievement, recognition, respect, competence

Love and Belongingness

Acceptance, friendship, intimacy, relationships